“Terrific book! One of the biggest concerns for children with food allergies is accidental exposure. This book reinforces safety strategies for these children. Parents, teachers, caregivers and children can all learn about food allergies from this book. I highly recommend it !!!”

- Dr. Ami Mehra, MD; Allergy - Immunology

“‘You Can’t Always Tell!’ elegantly creates awareness about food allergies. It successfully converts an anxious parenting experience into a tool to help children manage their allergies in a positive manner.”

- Dr. Mahesh Balsekar, MD; Pediatrics

“Explaining a serious issue to children in a fun and engaging way is a huge skill and Priyanka Talwar I think, achieves it beautifully in her book ‘You Can’t Always Tell!’. Allergies can be dangerous and although only some children may suffer them it is important for all children and in fact everyone to understand the implications. I read the book to my kids and they were totally engrossed and when we discussed it later they immediately mentioned a few friends they have who have to be careful with certain foods and how they would help them to be safe. Ruchi Mhasane’s illustrations are cheerful and simple and compliment the story wonderfully.”

- Tara Sharma Saluja,
Mother, Actress and Creator of the Tara Sharma Show

“I like the book because it is straight and to the point, easy to read, and short enough that it doesn’t lose the readers interest.

I would recommend this book for teachers to read to their classrooms at the beginning of the year as a good way to open up dialogue about food allergies in the classroom.”

- Elizabeth DiBurro, EBL Food Allergies

“This is a great educational book that teaches children that not everything is safe just because the allergen isn’t visually present. It gives a good example of a child being approached with a hard to resist food while not being in the supervision of his parents. This book will help parents start these types of conversations with their children and teach them what they should do in similar situations. It is also a good teaching tool for friends of food allergic children, teaching them to be more understanding and see that food isn’t needed to have fun.”

- Lisa Rutter, No Nuts Moms Group

“‘You Can’t Always Tell!’ is a story aimed at helping children of all ages understand what it means to have a nut allergy, in particular making it clear why allergy sufferers can’t afford to take any chances with the food they eat. Not just for children with a nut allergy, it can also be used as a classroom resource for those who have friends with nut allergies and as a general educational resource.”

- Gulf News Friday Magazine

“The story not only talks about allergies but it also teaches in a subtle manner about treating friends the right way. A lovely read which tells us that despite allergies we all can lead normal lives.”

- Indian Moms Connect

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