Food Allergy Fact Sheet for Children with Allergies

Food allergies are very serious

Eating foods you are allergic to can make you very sick. It is important to stay away from those foods to stay healthy.

Never share food

Sharing food can be dangerous. A friend’s food may contain an ingredient that is not safe for you to eat.

Wash your hands

Some children with food allergies can get sick just by touching the food they are allergic to. Washing your hands will keep you safe.

Check the ingredient label

If food does not have an ingredient label it is NOT safe to eat because it could contain an ingredient that you are allergic to. Children with allergies must follow the rule: if you can’t read it, don’t eat it!

Find other ways to have fun

There are plenty of ways to have fun with friends that don’t involve food: share toys, play games, go out together.

If you feel sick, get a grown up to help quickly

Food allergies can be very serious so if you feel sick, tell a grown up immediately.

To watch a video about food allergies, click here.

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