You Can’t Always Tell!

Nuts make Neil sick. Really sick. When he goes to his friend’s house to play, an unexpected visitor brings a delicious treat. His friends insist it is safe for him to eat but Neil knows that you can’t always tell...

“Terrific book! One of the biggest concerns for children with food allergies is accidental exposure. This book reinforces safety strategies for these children. Parents, teachers, caregivers and children can all learn about food allergies from this book. I highly recommend it !!!”

- Dr. Ami Mehra
MD; Allergy - Immunology


Priyanka Talwar is a lawyer and a mother of two. ‘You Can’t Always Tell!’ is inspired by Priyanka’s son and by millions of families around the world who are affected by food allergies.

Ruchi Mhasane has studied Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. She makes artwork with watercolour and pencil and loves capturing subtle movements and gestures on paper...

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